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Stormer Book Club Guidebook

A Stormer Book Club is a real life meetup group, intended to organize people locally in the real world. This is both for the purpose of human interaction with like minded people, helping one another build character and life skills, and for political organization purposes.

Book Clubs exist all over the world, and they are growing.

This is the next phase of our movement. We need real life connections.

This is intended to be a full guide on how to setup a Stormer Book Club or join an existing one, and how to operate it when it is setup.

Starting or Joining a Club

The Way the Forum Works

Go to the Stormer Book Club forum and look for your city or town.

You first click your general area on the globe.

Then, click the “all tags” button to pull down a drop down of regions.


This will pull up a list of existing groups in your area – or, at least, threads that have been started by people in your area.


If you find your area, you should post in the thread and express interest in joining.

If no one responds within a couple days, you can take over the thread and edit the main post itself, as all first posts in the Book Club section are on Wiki mode.


If you don’t see a thread for your area, create one.

Organizing the First Post


Everyone who is currently in an active Book Club needs to edit the first post of their thread, to make it clear that it is active, and to give specific information:

  • Contact information
  • Usual meeting place (not specific location, just general area of city/town)

Contact information SHOULD NOT be an email address. It should be a group contact platform. For instance, tell them to post in the thread to get invited to a group PM thread on the forum, or, much better, a Discord channel.

The first post can include a logo, or some photos, whatever else you want. But you need to make clear that it is active, and give clear contact information.

Starting a Thread Does Not Make You Boss

You do not get to determine the direction of the Book Club based on the fact that you started the thread.

You should not include “activities that I like to do” in the first post, nor should you include some age restriction. The purpose of the forum is simply for people to make initial connections with one another.

Do Not Publicly Organize

Do not include a public meet-up time and place in the thread. It isn’t that big of a deal, but maybe some fat women will show up at the bar and yell at you.

Use the PM feature, or Discord.


If you do not know what Discord is, you can check out this site’s public channel here.

This is software, which can also run in a browser, which allows for people to easily create their own chat servers. You can create a chat room for your group, where you can have separate rooms for new people and people you trust.

Information on how to start a Discord server can be found here.

However, even if you do have the Discord server, make sure you check your thread for new people who do not know how to use Discord (older people may be confused by it).

Club Rules

No Women


Women are not allowed in Book Clubs. Period. There is no room for discussion about this, and anyone caught violating this rule I will personally disavow. At meetings, you cannot bring your girlfriend. You cannot invite single women. Ever.

The one exception to this rule is a backyard BBQ-type setting, where men are allowed to bring their wives and SERIOUS girlfriends, along with their children. Any event that is not appropriate for children is not appropriate for women either. It is only FAMILY events that women are allowed at.

This is also not “bring a date” type rules. If you bring a woman to a family event, you either have to be married to her or having been dating seriously for six weeks. A BBQ is not an excuse to invite a single woman, or a girl you are interested in.

There are going to be betas who try to break this rule, so it is up to the alphas of the group to ensure that it is enforced, strictly.

Anyone Who Suggests Real Violence Must be Permanently Banned


There are cowardly people who will not join these groups because they are afraid of feds. However, the only thing a fed can do to you is try and get you to do – or to TALK ABOUT DOING, EVEN IF YOU THINK IT’S IN JEST – an act of violence.

If anyone suggests real violence, they need to be permanently banned, immediately. Like, not at the end of the meeting. They need to be told to leave as soon as they say it, and if they won’t leave, you need to remove them.

If someone starts talking this way, there is a 98% chance they are a fed, and a 100% chance they are very bad news.

Zero tolerance.

No Last Names, No Lists, No Mandatory Photos

No one, under any circumstances, should be compelled to give their last name. In fact, it should not be considered shady if someone wants to use a fake first name (though personally, I think that’s overkill).

There should be no membership lists, at all.

And there should be no mandatory group photos. I know some people like to take the photos and cover their faces and show them online. I think this is totally cool to do. But you shouldn’t feel compelled, and it should be a trusted member of the group taking the photo. No one should ever take photos without consent.

Obviously, you’re going to make real friends in the group, and you shouldn’t worry about giving them your phone number or other personal information as you get to know them. That’s normal and fine. Don’t be paranoid, just be careful.

Just a note here: There are several WN groups out there, which I won’t name, that request your real name. They have membership lists. I advise you – very, very strongly – not to join a group like this. If your name is on a list, that list will eventually end up in the hands of law enforcement. That is simply inevitable.

The purpose of the Book Clubs’ structure is to allow you to organize in an organized way without requiring you to have official membership in an organization that makes you put your name on some list. I am fine with assuming that these groups asking for real names and putting them on lists are genuine, but it doesn’t matter. The concept of lists is bad. It is bad, bad, bad.

There was a time when lists were needed, because this stuff was done through the snail mail. Well, nothing is done through snail mail anymore. If you need a list of contacts, it can be an email list, where people can use an anonymous email account if they wish. However, if you organize on Discord, that eliminates the need for a list completely.

Treat Each Other Like Brothers


There will be some Chads and some autists. Young guys, old guys, fat guys, skinny guys, body builders, nerds, skinheads, NEETs – you all need to treat each other like brothers, and understand that you are each others only hope for salvation.

You all believe the same things, or you wouldn’t be coming to these meetings in the first place. Remember that any differences you have between one another are insignificant in comparison to the differences you both have between any nonwhite on the planet.

And you should recognize that there are things you can learn from each other. And you should recognize there are things you can teach.

Always be as welcoming and kind to newcomers as you possibly can be. Some people are going to be really nervous, and don’t let that make you suspicious of them.

Of course, I understand that people have personalities, which may be ultimately incompatible with each other. This is a fact of life. If this happens, remain on good terms – and communicate with each other, at least online – and split into two chapters. This should absolutely be a last resort.

No Illegal Activity

Nothing at all illegal. That includes vandalism and littering. If you are going to put up fliers or hand them out, make sure you are not breaking these laws.

Also, if you do anything involving guns, make sure you are 100% sure it is legal. It’s possible that just going out shooting, you could get charged with paramilitary training, which is illegal in some states. So be very, very careful with that.

No Drugs

No drugs, other than alcohol, should ever be involved at all. That includes marijuana, even where it is legal.

I also recommend not drinking beer, and instead substituting it with some form of liquor, drank in shots or mixed with tonic or soda water. I recommend vodka and soda with ice. For health reasons. I know a lot of you think this is queer, but if you’re all doing it together, it won’t be. Beer is really not good for you. But that is not an official rule. A few beers now and then won’t kill you (in fact, a lot of beers regularly probably won’t kill you, but it will devastate your testosterone levels).

First Meeting, Regular Meetings

You should pick a place for your first meeting that is in public. It should be an all ages place, because a lot of the people involved in these groups are not old enough to be in a bar (at least in the US).

It should be a place where you can pick a corner and talk privately, without people being too likely to overhear you.

You should have regular meetings at the same place. I recommend weekly Saturday or Sunday meetings. These make it so everyone knows they will have someone to meet every week, in the same place. If you don’t have enough people, you can do it bi-weekly or monthly. This meeting can, some weeks, be replaced with an activity.


The core goal of the Book Clubs is for men to form relationships with other men.


Involved in that should be self-improvement, and helping one another become better men.

There are going to be all kinds of different people in these groups. There will be a wide age range. There will be chads and there will be NEETs. Everyone should make everyone else feel welcome, as a brother, and they should be open to both teaching and learning from others in the group.

The feminization and homosexualization of our culture has removed the ability of men to easily bond with one another, and this has led to male alienation. We are trying to counteract that here.

The political goals are secondary to this.

Yes, I do have a plan. And these Book Clubs will eventually be used extensively in political organization. But that is only going to work if you have formed real bonds already.


You should do more than meet up for drinks. Though that is fine to do, you should definitely do more.

Man stuff.

The Gym

Obviously, you’re not going to the gym in a big group. But you should arrange with each other to be gym buddies, and to keep each other motivated.

If you’ve never been to the gym before, or haven’t ever been seriously, I strongly recommend Stronglifts 5×5 as a starting place. It’s great to do with a buddy.

Martial Arts


Everyone should be learning martial arts. This is something you can do together.

I recommend either general MMA, Jujitsu or Muay Thai. Western boxing is okay too, if that’s easier, but it isn’t nearly as useful.

When you get into it, you can spar with each other. This is a bonding experience.



This should probably be done at a range, rather than out on someone’s property, for the above mentioned potential to be charged with paramilitary training. In different states, there are different rules. But be careful. Make sure you’ve studied the rules and talked to the local sheriff before you go out with a group on private property.

It is important that all of you know how to use all different types of guns and feel comfortable around them.

You can take CCW classes together, if your state allows that, and start carrying. It is a good feeling, as a man, to be carrying a handgun. You will like this feeling.

Older guys can probably be of use here, teaching young folks about guns.

Hunting is also good.



Airsoft is paramilitary training that you’re not going to get in trouble for. Look into where you can do this locally.

Honestly, this is one of the best things you can do. I think every club should make a point of doing it once a month.

I envision you all getting very good at it, and someday having a SBC airsoft championship. Instead of some gay conference with people giving boring speeches about shit you already know about, Stormer meetups will involve simulated warfare.

You can also do paintball or even laser tag.

Learning Various Skills


I think some of the older guys will be able to teach all types of skills to younger guys that maybe their dads never taught them.

For example:

  • Automotive and motorcycle maintenance
  • Carpentry skills
  • Operating various types of machinery
  • Culinary arts
  • Handling and maintaining weapons (excluding explosives!)
  • Hunting
  • Dirt biking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Survivalism skills

You can set up weekend classes.

Older guys should be open to suggesting teaching, and younger guys should be open to learning.

Backyard BBQs


Getting together for cookouts is good.

As stated, these are the only events which should be family events.

Meeting Girls


There will be guys with girlfriends or wives, and guys without. The guys without presumably want girlfriends, or at least to meet girls.

The thing about women – and I’m going to write a guide about meeting women – is that they judge the worth of a man very much on how other men appear to be judging his worth. This is a scientific fact. So if you’ve got a crew of bros you’re rolling with, who appear to approve of you, you automatically have higher sexual marketplace value than a loner. Psychologically, this attractive to a woman because she knows if she is with you, she will also have access to the resources and physical strength of the other men. It also demonstrates that you are social, which women view as a positive trait.

On top of that, you will be able to give each other confidence, and to challenge each other.

Probably, there will be chads in your group who can help you out with this.

This would probably be an activity for the younger guys of the group, obviously.

Protip: if you have boomers in the group – and you should – don’t listen to their advice on women. A guy in his 50s or 60s can teach you a lot, but almost certainly, he can’t teach you anything about women. They will try to give you advice, but do yourself a favor and disregard it.


Every month, pass around a hat for DS donation money. Just put it in an envelope together and seal it and send it to our PO box. If you don’t have money, don’t worry about it, but the hat passing and single envelope makes it worthwhile to just even give a dollar or two. If you’re all doing this every month with whatever you can spare, it’s going to go a very long way towards getting us the funding we need to keep expanding.


There is nothing illegal about white people meeting one another. Please avoid being overly paranoid with one another. Be careful, be smart, be reasonable and be aware.

Do not start obsessing over how some or some other member of the group might or might not be a shill. If they’re not talking about violence, and they’re not visibly on drugs, and just acting generally weird, then be careful – but remember, there will be some people at these groups who are nervous. It will be most people’s first time to meet in a group associated with politics, and for some people, their first social meeting of any kind in a while. So don’t judge people right away.

If you use a vetting system to ask people some questions first through one of the chat methods, that’s fine. But when you are inviting new people, just make sure it’s in a public place in the day time where you won’t have to worry either way. Again, the worst thing that has happened in a year of Book Clubs is that someone has been yelled at by fat women – and that was only because they published their meeting date, time and place on the public forum.

Don’t think it though so much you get paranoid.


There are going to be missions.

I will let you know about that in the future.

At the end of this month, I am going to ask that every group with five or more members that has been together for at least a month to pick a representative to join a special Discord channel. This allows for some centralization of the project, while the representatives will remain anonymous to me and each other.

The Future

This is going to be big.

We are building a network.

I have a plan, don’t worry.

There is much more to come.


Hail Victory.