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Stormer Book Club Guidebook

A Stormer Book Club is a real life meetup group, intended to organize people locally in the real world. This is both for the purpose of human interaction with like minded people, helping one another build character and life skills, and for political organization purposes.

Book Clubs exist all over the world, and they are growing.

This is the next phase of our movement. We need real life connections.

This is intended to be a full guide on how to setup a Stormer Book Club or join an existing one, and how to operate it when it is setup.

Starting or Joining a Club

The Way the Forum Works

Go to the Stormer Book Club forum and look for your city or town.

You first click your general area on the globe.

Then, click the “all tags” button to pull down a drop down of regions.

This will pull up a list of existing groups in your area – or, at least, threads that have been started by people in your area.

If you find your area, you should post in the thread and express interest in joining.

If no one responds within a couple days, you can take over the thread and edit the main post itself, as all first posts in the Book Club section are on Wiki mode.

If you don’t see a thread for your area, create one.

Organizing the First Post

Everyone who is currently in an active Book Club needs to edit the first post of their thread, to make it clear that it is active, and to give specific information:

  • Contact information
  • Usual meeting place (not specific location, just general area of city/town)

Contact information SHOULD NOT be an email address. It should be a group contact platform. For instance, tell them to post in the thread to get invited to a group PM thread on the forum, or, much better, a Discord channel.

The first post can include a logo, or some photos, whatever else you want. But you need to make clear that it is active, and give clear contact information.

Starting a Thread Does Not Make You Boss

You do not get to determine the direction of the Book Club based on the fact that you started the thread.

You should not include “activities that I like to do” in the first post, nor should you include some age restriction. The purpose of the forum is simply for people to make initial connections with one another.

Do Not Publicly Organize

Do not include a public meet-up time and place in the thread. It isn’t that big of a deal, but maybe some fat women will show up at the bar and yell at you.

Use the PM feature, or Discord.

If you do not know what Discord is, you can check out this site’s public channel here.

This is software, which can also run in a browser, which allows for people to easily create their own chat servers. You can create a chat room for your group, where you can have separate rooms for new people and people you trust.

Information on how to start a Discord server can be found here.

However, even if you do have the Discord server, make sure you check your thread for new people who do not know how to use Discord (older people may be confused by it).

Club Rules

No Women

Women are not allowed in Book Clubs. Period. There is no room for discussion about this, and anyone caught violating this rule I will personally disavow. At meetings, you cannot bring your girlfriend. You cannot invite single women. Ever.

The one exception to this rule is a backyard BBQ-type setting, where men are allowed to bring their wives and SERIOUS girlfriends, along with their children. Any event that is not appropriate for children is not appropriate for women either. It is only FAMILY events that women are allowed at.

This is also not “bring a date” type rules. If you bring a woman to a family event, you either have to be married to her or having been dating seriously for six weeks. A BBQ is not an excuse to invite a single woman, or a girl you are interested in.

There are going to be betas who try to break this rule, so it is up to the alphas of the group to ensure that it is enforced, strictly.

Anyone Who Suggests Real Violence Must be Permanently Banned

There are cowardly people who will not join these groups because they are afraid of feds. However, the only thing a fed can do to you is try and get you to do – or to TALK ABOUT DOING, EVEN IF YOU THINK IT’S IN JEST – an act of violence.

If anyone suggests real violence, they need to be permanently banned, immediately. Like, not at the end of the meeting. They need to be told to leave as soon as they say it, and if they won’t leave, you need to remove them.

If someone starts talking this way, there is a 98% chance they are a fed, and a 100% chance they are very bad news.

Zero tolerance.

No Last Names, No Lists, No Mandatory Photos

No one, under any circumstances, should be compelled to give their last name. In fact, it should not be considered shady if someone wants to use a fake first name (though personally, I think that’s overkill).

There should be no membership lists, at all.

And there should be no mandatory group photos. I know some people like to take the photos and cover their faces and show them online. I think this is totally cool to do. But you shouldn’t feel compelled, and it should be a trusted member of the group taking the photo. No one should ever take photos without consent.

Obviously, you’re going to make real friends in the group, and you shouldn’t worry about giving them your phone number or other personal information as you get to know them. That’s normal and fine. Don’t be paranoid, just be careful.

Just a note here: There are several WN groups out there, which I won’t name, that request your real name. They have membership lists. I advise you – very, very strongly – not to join a group like this. If your name is on a list, that list will eventually end up in the hands of law enforcement. That is simply inevitable.

The purpose of the Book Clubs’ structure is to allow you to organize in an organized way without requiring you to have official membership in an organization that makes you put your name on some list. I am fine with assuming that these groups asking for real names and putting them on lists are genuine, but it doesn’t matter. The concept of lists is bad. It is bad, bad, bad.

There was a time when lists were needed, because this stuff was done through the snail mail. Well, nothing is done through snail mail anymore. If you need a list of contacts, it can be an email list, where people can use an anonymous email account if they wish. However, if you organize on Discord, that eliminates the need for a list completely.

Treat Each Other Like Brothers

There will be some Chads and some autists. Young guys, old guys, fat guys, skinny guys, body builders, nerds, skinheads, NEETs – you all need to treat each other like brothers, and understand that you are each others only hope for salvation.

You all believe the same things, or you wouldn’t be coming to these meetings in the first place. Remember that any differences you have between one another are insignificant in comparison to the differences you both have between any nonwhite on the planet.

And you should recognize that there are things you can learn from each other. And you should recognize there are things you can teach.

Always be as welcoming and kind to newcomers as you possibly can be. Some people are going to be really nervous, and don’t let that make you suspicious of them.

Of course, I understand that people have personalities, which may be ultimately incompatible with each other. This is a fact of life. If this happens, remain on good terms – and communicate with each other, at least online – and split into two chapters. This should absolutely be a last resort.

No Illegal Activity

Nothing at all illegal. That includes vandalism and littering. If you are going to put up fliers or hand them out, make sure you are not breaking these laws.

Also, if you do anything involving guns, make sure you are 100% sure it is legal. It’s possible that just going out shooting, you could get charged with paramilitary training, which is illegal in some states. So be very, very careful with that.

No Drugs

No drugs, other than alcohol, should ever be involved at all. That includes marijuana, even where it is legal.

I also recommend not drinking beer, and instead substituting it with some form of liquor, drank in shots or mixed with tonic or soda water. I recommend vodka and soda with ice. For health reasons. I know a lot of you think this is queer, but if you’re all doing it together, it won’t be. Beer is really not good for you. But that is not an official rule. A few beers now and then won’t kill you (in fact, a lot of beers regularly probably won’t kill you, but it will devastate your testosterone levels).

First Meeting, Regular Meetings

You should pick a place for your first meeting that is in public. It should be an all ages place, because a lot of the people involved in these groups are not old enough to be in a bar (at least in the US).

It should be a place where you can pick a corner and talk privately, without people being too likely to overhear you.

You should have regular meetings at the same place. I recommend weekly Saturday or Sunday meetings. These make it so everyone knows they will have someone to meet every week, in the same place. If you don’t have enough people, you can do it bi-weekly or monthly. This meeting can, some weeks, be replaced with an activity.


The core goal of the Book Clubs is for men to form relationships with other men.


Involved in that should be self-improvement, and helping one another become better men.

There are going to be all kinds of different people in these groups. There will be a wide age range. There will be chads and there will be NEETs. Everyone should make everyone else feel welcome, as a brother, and they should be open to both teaching and learning from others in the group.

The feminization and homosexualization of our culture has removed the ability of men to easily bond with one another, and this has led to male alienation. We are trying to counteract that here.

The political goals are secondary to this.

Yes, I do have a plan. And these Book Clubs will eventually be used extensively in political organization. But that is only going to work if you have formed real bonds already.


You should do more than meet up for drinks. Though that is fine to do, you should definitely do more.

Man stuff.

The Gym

Obviously, you’re not going to the gym in a big group. But you should arrange with each other to be gym buddies, and to keep each other motivated.

If you’ve never been to the gym before, or haven’t ever been seriously, I strongly recommend Stronglifts 5×5 as a starting place. It’s great to do with a buddy.

Martial Arts

Everyone should be learning martial arts. This is something you can do together.

I recommend either general MMA, Jujitsu or Muay Thai. Western boxing is okay too, if that’s easier, but it isn’t nearly as useful.

When you get into it, you can spar with each other. This is a bonding experience.


This should probably be done at a range, rather than out on someone’s property, for the above mentioned potential to be charged with paramilitary training. In different states, there are different rules. But be careful. Make sure you’ve studied the rules and talked to the local sheriff before you go out with a group on private property.

It is important that all of you know how to use all different types of guns and feel comfortable around them.

You can take CCW classes together, if your state allows that, and start carrying. It is a good feeling, as a man, to be carrying a handgun. You will like this feeling.

Older guys can probably be of use here, teaching young folks about guns.

Hunting is also good.


Airsoft is paramilitary training that you’re not going to get in trouble for. Look into where you can do this locally.

Honestly, this is one of the best things you can do. I think every club should make a point of doing it once a month.

I envision you all getting very good at it, and someday having a SBC airsoft championship. Instead of some gay conference with people giving boring speeches about shit you already know about, Stormer meetups will involve simulated warfare.

You can also do paintball or even laser tag.

Learning Various Skills

I think some of the older guys will be able to teach all types of skills to younger guys that maybe their dads never taught them.

For example:

  • Automotive and motorcycle maintenance
  • Carpentry skills
  • Operating various types of machinery
  • Culinary arts
  • Handling and maintaining weapons (excluding explosives!)
  • Hunting
  • Dirt biking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Survivalism skills

You can set up weekend classes.

Older guys should be open to suggesting teaching, and younger guys should be open to learning.

Backyard BBQs

Getting together for cookouts is good.

As stated, these are the only events which should be family events.

Meeting Girls

There will be guys with girlfriends or wives, and guys without. The guys without presumably want girlfriends, or at least to meet girls.

The thing about women – and I’m going to write a guide about meeting women – is that they judge the worth of a man very much on how other men appear to be judging his worth. This is a scientific fact. So if you’ve got a crew of bros you’re rolling with, who appear to approve of you, you automatically have higher sexual marketplace value than a loner. Psychologically, this attractive to a woman because she knows if she is with you, she will also have access to the resources and physical strength of the other men. It also demonstrates that you are social, which women view as a positive trait.

On top of that, you will be able to give each other confidence, and to challenge each other.

Probably, there will be chads in your group who can help you out with this.

This would probably be an activity for the younger guys of the group, obviously.

Protip: if you have boomers in the group – and you should – don’t listen to their advice on women. A guy in his 50s or 60s can teach you a lot, but almost certainly, he can’t teach you anything about women. They will try to give you advice, but do yourself a favor and disregard it.


Every month, pass around a hat for DS donation money. Just put it in an envelope together and seal it and send it to our PO box. If you don’t have money, don’t worry about it, but the hat passing and single envelope makes it worthwhile to just even give a dollar or two. If you’re all doing this every month with whatever you can spare, it’s going to go a very long way towards getting us the funding we need to keep expanding.


There is nothing illegal about white people meeting one another. Please avoid being overly paranoid with one another. Be careful, be smart, be reasonable and be aware.

Do not start obsessing over how some or some other member of the group might or might not be a shill. If they’re not talking about violence, and they’re not visibly on drugs, and just acting generally weird, then be careful – but remember, there will be some people at these groups who are nervous. It will be most people’s first time to meet in a group associated with politics, and for some people, their first social meeting of any kind in a while. So don’t judge people right away.

If you use a vetting system to ask people some questions first through one of the chat methods, that’s fine. But when you are inviting new people, just make sure it’s in a public place in the day time where you won’t have to worry either way. Again, the worst thing that has happened in a year of Book Clubs is that someone has been yelled at by fat women – and that was only because they published their meeting date, time and place on the public forum.

Don’t think it though so much you get paranoid.


There are going to be missions.

I will let you know about that in the future.

At the end of this month, I am going to ask that every group with five or more members that has been together for at least a month to pick a representative to join a special Discord channel. This allows for some centralization of the project, while the representatives will remain anonymous to me and each other.

The Future

This is going to be big.

We are building a network.

I have a plan, don’t worry.

There is much more to come.

Hail Victory.

Yes, The Economy is Still Doomed



Look at this retard:

Actually, I think he might be joking. It’s a little bit scary if he’s not.

I guess maybe not everyone knows this, but right now, the US government is paying people $600 a week in unemployment from the feds. This is money that they are printing outright. It is on top of the state unemployment benefits. In actual fact, many people have more money now than they had before the virus.

Obviously, when you’re paying everyone who’s unemployed at least as much as they were making at their job, nothing happens.

However, if they keep printing it like that, it’s going to lead to hyper-inflation. If they cut the money, no one has any money to spend, and the whole thing comes tumbling down. One of those things is going to happen.

The economy has already completely collapsed. What we have now is a “Weekend at Bernie’s” economy.

The only real difference is that our economy is somehow even more Jewish than that movie. Otherwise, it is literally the exact same story, with the corpse of the economy being dragged around by Jews who move it around to make people think it is alive.

As of right now, it appears that they’re still planning to go ahead and cut the $600 at the end of this month.

New York Times:

When millions of Americans began losing their jobs in March, the federal government stepped in with a life preserver: $600 a week in extra unemployment benefits to allow workers to pay rent and buy groceries, and to cushion the economy.

With economic conditions again deteriorating, that life preserver will disappear within days if Congress doesn’t act to extend it. That could prompt a wave of evictions and inflict more financial harm on millions of Americans while further damaging the economy.

Even the threat of a lapse in benefits could prove harmful, economists warn, by forcing households to make precautionary spending cuts.

The benefits program, Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, expires at the end of July. But because of a quirk in the calendar, workers in most states won’t qualify for the payments after this week. Most will be left with regular unemployment benefits, which total only a few hundred dollars a week in many states.

That means that more than 20 million Americans could soon see their weekly income fall by half or more at a time when the unemployment rate remains higher than in any period since World War II.

Economists warn that it isn’t just individual recipients who will suffer if the benefits are cut. The federal payments are injecting billions of dollars into the economy each week, money that flows to landlords, grocery stores, retailers and countless other businesses. Ernie Tedeschi, a former Treasury Department official and an economist at Evercore ISI Research, has estimated that if the payments ceased, the U.S. gross domestic product would be 2 percent smaller at the end of 2020 and there would be 1.7 million fewer jobs nationwide.

It’s going to be a lot more than 1.7 million fewer jobs.

This is going to be the beginning of everything getting cleared out.

It will take some time, I obviously never made a prediction of a timeframe, but I think that the government is going to push for very big economic problems before the election. They’re literally pulling out every stop to ensure that Donald Trump loses, and I think they’re going to be all over that one.

Still, the run-up to the election won’t be the worst of it. These things take time, as people lose jobs because other people lost their jobs. They’re apparently cutting the $600, but there will be more programs and such to prop people up, until they just can’t do programs anymore.

The other thing is that a second lockdown will wipe out at least as many jobs as the first lockdown, possibly more.

I absolutely stand by my claim that the economy has totally collapsed, and that we’re going to reach a 50% unemployment rate, possibly by this time next year.

Of course, when Joe Biden is in office and the country is being run by a mob of Jews, women and colored people, we’re not going to have access to any real information. You’ll be lucky to be informed about riots that are happening down the street from you, let alone things like the nation’s economy or unemployment rate.

President Trump Tells Americans: “Wear a Mask”

Oh boy.

This is stupid.


President Donald Trump on Tuesday urged Americans to wear a mask to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’re asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask,” Trump said. “Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they’ll have an effect, and we need everything we can get.”

The president spoke about masks during a press briefing on recent flare-ups of the coronavirus.

This was the president’s strongest endorsement for wearing a mask, despite expressing skepticism for months about their effectiveness at preventing the spread of the virus.

Showing his mask to one reporter, Trump said that he carried it with him and put it on when he was unable to properly socially distance to prevent the spread of the virus.

“I carry the mask … I have the mask right here. I carry it and I will use it gladly. No problem with it,” Trump said. “I’ve said that and I say when you can: use the mask.”

He laid out some facts, which isn’t something the media is reporting.

He says:

  • The median age of death is 78
  • Half of all deaths have been in nursing homes
  • 90% of those hospitalized had underlying medical conditions – heart, diabetes
  • Young adults usually have no symptoms or mild symptoms

Then he says “wear a mask.”

How about people who are 78 and older or have serious medical conditions wear masks, and leave normal, healthy people alone?


President Donald Trump warned Tuesday the coronavirus pandemic in the United States will probably “get worse before it gets better.”

“That’s something I don’t like saying about things, but that’s the way it is, it’s what we have,” he said during a White House briefing on the pandemic. “You look over the world, it’s all over the world.“

Yeah, okay – great.

They want vote by mail, Donald.

If they get that, you lose.

More importantly, we lose. The country loses.

Civilization itself is riding on this election, and this election is riding on people being able to vote.

Mark Zuckerberg Wears Sunscreen

This is an image of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, ostensibly wearing sunscreen.

People are making jokes about it. I don’t think it is funny. This is one of the most powerful people on earth, who appears to bear little or no resemblance to a human being.

We should all be terrified by this.

These are the people who are making the decisions about our future.

Daily Stormer’s Top 20 Stories of 2017

2017 was a great year of great memories.

Today, on the last day of this year, we will look back at some of the best of them.

This is the Daily Stormer’s top 20 stories of 2017.

I’ve done it in countdown form, to make it more enjoyable.

Note: click the links to enjoy the memories. 

20.) Moldylocks

The punch heard round the world really kicked off the Summer of Hate. Nathan Damigo (PBUH), the holy Prophet of WHITE SHARIA, ran across a mob of people at Berkeley to land a punch straight on the face of a dreadlocked whore during a protest there.

It later turned out that she was a “hairy” fetish porno model.

The presence of a man with a “Jesus will judge you” jacket on behind the punch scene prompted the development of the slogan “Jesus will judge you after death – Nathan Damigo will judge you NOW!”

19.) PewDiePie Calling for the Extermination of Jews

PewDiePie made a comedy video wherein he had some Pakis from Fiver say “Death to All Jews.”Â

Then the Daily Stormer put him in our banner.

Then the SPLC teamed up with the Wall Street Journal to get him fired from Disney.

And a whole bunch of young kids who are fans of Pewds will now hate kikes for the rest of their lives.

Plus, I got featured in a PewDiePie video, which was one of my life goals… well, my site got featured… not sure if that counts. I’m still hoping to do a livestream with him, but the only game I play is Pillars of Eternity. And N64 roms.

18.) Islamic Terrorism

There was an entire shitload of Islamic terrorist attacks this year. The most “high profile” attacks in the West of any year prior (though they still have a ways to go before we beat the 2001 high score).

United Kingdom – March 22 – A man drove a car into pedestrians on the south side of Westminster Bridge, injuring 49 people, 4 of them fatally – score: 6

Russia – April 3 – A suicide bomber blew himself up on the St. Petersburg metro. The bomber was born in Kyrgyzstan and had ties to radical Islamists – score: 6 

France – April 20 – Three police officers and a bystander were shot by an attacker wielding an AK-47 rifle on the Champs-ÉlysĂ©es, a shopping boulevard in Paris. The attacker was shot dead during the incident. He had a note defending the Islamic State, and had previously attempted to communicate with Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria – score: 5

United Kingdom – May 22 – Manchester Arena bombing – A suicide bomber attacks Ariana Grande’s pop concert with audience of up to 20,000. Twenty-two people were arrested in connection with the attack, all of whom had been released without charge by 11 June – score: 22

United Kingdom – June 3 – The June 2017 London Bridge attack, was an incident where a van ran over multiple pedestrians on the London Bridge. On Borough Market the occupants of the van stabbed multiple people before being shot by police – score: 11

France – June 6 – Notre Dame attack A lone wolf who was carrying knives in his rucksack attacked an officer guarding Notre Dame de Paris with a hammer – score: 0

Spain – August 18 – Barcelona attacks – Three separate attacks in Barcelona kill at least fifteen people and injure more than one hundred others. “Authorities believe the men to be part of 12 member Islamic Terror cell” – score: 15

United States – October 31 – Lower Manhattan attack – A man drove a pickup truck into cyclists and runners along about 1 mile (2 km) of a bicycle path in Lower Manhattan, New York City. After he left the vehicle, the driver was wielding two guns (later found to be a paintball gun and a pellet gun); he was shot in the abdomen by police and arrested – score: 8

I used this Wikipedia list.

The Wikipedia Jews have failed to include a bunch of them that governments – in particular the government of Germany – ruled to be “mental health attacks” instead of terrorism. But a brotha ain’t got time to remember all dem.

17.) New York Times “Humanizing” a Nazi

The media has been on a rampage of dehumanization of “Nazis,” claiming that we are all pure evil (Jews used to claim evil is a social construct, but no more) with mental problems or bad childhoods or whatevz.

Then the NYT published a story on Tony Hovater, which triggered a massive backlash from the Jews, with the ADL and every single bluecheck Twitter personality coming out and condemning them for not making the guy out to be diabolically evil.

This, like everything the Jews do, played in our favor. Any normal person can see that the NYT is the most liberal paper on the planet, and somehow they were being accused of promoting Nazism for the specific reason that they did not smear this man.

16.) Lauren Southern Fucking a Nigger

The Alt-Lite thot Lauren Southern was trolled into admitting that she fucked a nigger.

This triggered a massive backlash, and proved the point I have been making for years about “women in the movement.”

The incident resulted in my now-infamous article, “Women Should Shut the Fuck Up.”

15.) The Whitefish Armed Nazi March

I planned a march in the town of Whitefish, Montana, wherein I would bus in 200 skinheads to march with long guns through the center of the town in the January snow.

Although the premise of busing in hundreds of skinheads to march in the snow seemed outrageous enough on its own, the media actually reported it when I said I was flying in a top Hamas fighter to give a speech about Jews.

Although the march never actually materialized, due to having been thwarted by local authorities who claimed we filled out the permit wrong, it remains the most successful Neo-Nazi march of all time. It was denounced by the governor, both Senators, every global Jewish organization and rabbis were flown in to teach the local people about the supremacy of Jews. Also, even though the march didn’t happen, hundreds of counter-protesters showed up.

14.) Collapse of the “Skeptic Movement”

After this super-foxy German nerd skeptic YouTuber cited me in a video, the skeptic community was thrown into chaos.

Rage After Storm – plz txt meh.

This resulted in this guy named Kraut and Tea going into an infinite rage and spending months trying to debunk the Alt-Right. Eventually, he learned that he couldn’t debunk the Alt-Right, and so ran a secret doxing and defamation campaign against it. That was exposed, and he was forced to resign from the internet.

This isn’t confirmed but I think it’s real probably.

This is a foreshadowing of 2018, wherein Sargon of Akkad will be crushed, and the entire skeptic movement will simply be absorbed into the Alt-Right, as the Libertarian and Conspiracy Theory movements were before it. It’s also a foreshadowing of the ULTIMATE NAZI DATING SCANDAL of me and German nerd girl, the fallout from which will result in an EVEN BETTER series of Mister Metokur videos than the one he did about Kraut and Tea.

13.) The End of the Syrian War and Defeat of ISIS

After fiveish years, the Syrian war ended and ISIS was defeated in the region.

This was a major event on a lot of different levels, not the least of which being that the Jews have now gone into a frenzy and are trying to throw a revolution in Iran.

Perhaps the key takeaway was that Russia was able to end this quickly after the US, under Barack Obama, spent 4 years bombing the country while ISIS just got bigger and bigger, proving once and for all that the American ZOG is in total support of Islamic terrorism that benefits Israel. I will also note that Russia’s victory couldn’t have been possible if Donald Trump hadn’t cut funding for the CIA program that was funneling weapons to ISIS.

12.) Paul Nehlen Awakens

The most high-profile figure yet to name the Jew did it.

Paul Nehlen, a Bannonite candidate who ran against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin in 2016 and is doing that again in 2018 came out full-on against the evil Jews, to a degree that was mind-blowing.

I stayed away from covering this story on purpose, as you may have noticed. At this point, it doesn’t really matter anymore, so I’ll start covering it next year.

Basically, Nehlen just started tweeting as if he was full-Anglin, which resulted in the entirety of the Jewish realm condemning him.

Ultimately, this resulted in Bannon separating himself from him, which is a debatable move on Bannon’s part.

Either way, the Nehlen Twitter feed was the official 2017 announcement that anti-Semitism is mainstream. This is something that the Jews are simply going to have to deal with. “WOW JUST WOW I CAN’T EVEN” and “SHUT UP YOU GOYIM PIGS” doesn’t work when you have figures this high-profile saying this stuff.

This is beyond “look at this how disgusting” and beyond “private companies must silence these people in order to protect our feelings.” They are now in a position where they are going to have to explain exactly what the hell is going on with their total control of the entire political, financial and media establishment.

We eagerly await the official statement on that in 2018.

11.) Prince Harry’s Engagement to Harambe

The Prince of England is marrying a nigger.

10.) Judge Roy Moore Losing Due to Jailbait Accusations

By far the most depressing even of 2017 was the successful campaign to smear the Bannonite candidate Judge Roy Moore with “overly forward behavior involving jailbait” allegations, which resulted in his loss in Alabama, one of the reddest states in America.

This has large ramifications for Bannonism as a whole, which I was very hopeful for. It might actually mean that that particular party is over. Recouping from this loss is going to be excruciatingly difficult at best.

Bannon’s plan, of course, was to beat mainstream GOP candidates in the primaries, replacing the cuck Congress with populist Trumpists. But now, Trump himself is counter-signaling this agenda, and the entire establishment is gloating with “I told you so.” Of course, if the GOP establishment hadn’t joined in the feeding frenzy with the Jew media attacking Moore, he would have won, meaning that what McConnell and the rest are actually saying now is “see, I told you we have the ability to stop you.”

The early death of Bannonism is unfortunate, but we’ve got a stack of back-up plans here. At the top of which is Nehlenism AKA Eat-a-Bulletism.

9.) The End of Net Neutrality

Relating to the overall internet censorship agenda was the Trump administrations decision to end “Net Neutrality” AKA “Free Bandwidth for Netflixtrality.”

The reason that this was so significant, beyond the liberal Jewish freakout over it calling it “the end of the internet,” is that it intensified the debate over the role of media companies in censoring content. The ostensible purpose of NN was to stop Comcast from censoring content, and the FCC filing said point blank: Comcast has never censored content, but Silicon Valley colluded in a conspiracy to censor the Daily Stormer.

This is a foreshadowing of things to come in 2018, when we will be gloriously returning to our throne at

8.) Vegas Massacre and Thousands of Dollars of Sushi (Comped)

By far the weirdest story of 2017 was the biggest mass murder in history, the Vegas Massacre.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack, Stephen Paddock, is a mysterious white man. We still have no idea why this event took place, but we know that the FBI is purposefully covering it up – from the disappearance and reappearance of the only witness, to the alleged robbery of his house, to the disappearance of his computer harddrive, everything about the official story here is obvious bullshit. They are claiming they won’t tell people the motive until October of 2018, indicating that they know the motive.

Almost as shocking as the attack itself was the fact that the killer would fly to Japan on a whim and eat thousands of dollars of sushi – comped.

7.) Christopher Cantwell’s Jail Stint and Jail Broadcast

One of my personal favorite events of 2017 was Christopher Cantwell going to jail.

Now – hear me out.

These podcasts he did, called “Live from Seg,” are historic in nature. And the event itself was historic in nature.

The man pepper-sprayed someone in self-defense at the Charlottesville rally, and then other people – who were not pepper-sprayed – claimed that they were, and Cantwell was arrested for it. He then served more than 3 months in prison, even though we had all of this video showing that the witnesses were lying. Most of the charges were dismissed, but he is still facing one charge and is trapped in Virginia until he goes to trial.

This is the most open political persecution in my lifetime, and possibly in the entire history of the United States. There can be absolutely no doubt that we, the right wing, are down by law. What these people did to Cantwell proves definitively that we are the threat to the system that the system fears. The state tried to make an example of him, and what they did was give proof that they are trying to suppress rising nationalist sentiment, and are willing to do anything to accomplish that.

Cantwell was also the hands-down star of Charlottesville, being the key figure in the VICE documentary on the event which has now been watched by 2.5 million people.

6.) Mass Censorship

Following Charlottesville, the Jews pulled the switch on their plan to utterly silence any and all dissent against them on the internet.

This resulted in the Daily Stormer being the first legal site to have its domain pulled. As you are aware if you are reading this, we still haven’t gotten it back.

Along with this, many a YouTuber had their account pulled. People lost their PayPals. Even Coinbase, a bitcoin exchange, started blocking people from sending money to right-wing wallets.

For a few weeks there, it felt as though the walls were closing in.

But the Daily Stormer, with weev at the helm, was able to hold the line. We have been on… more than 20 different domains, and we went to Tor hidden service whenever we got kicked off. There has been virtually zero actual downtime for the site, proving that it is impossible to shut down the Daily Stormer.

The goal was to get us off and then move on to the next target, but the fact that they can’t stop us means they can’t move to the next target.

Now, it appears that Cloudflare’s CEO, who pulled our service during the initial mess, did so in order to pressure the government into making censorship of content by backbone services illegal under some new form of Net Neutrality. He doesn’t want to be the content gatekeeper, as this is not his job.

Basically, the entire thing backfired, and we now have a situation where the government is going to come in and protect people’s rights to speech. These laws would certainly include making it illegal for Google, GoDaddy and Cloudflare to ban you, as well as probably PayPal and other internet financial services, and may even extend to Twitter and Facebook.

Can you imagine if they gave me my Twitter account back?

The damage that would result in such a thing?

5.) Donald Trump

Donald Trump as President had some super highs and some super lows.

The worst part was when he bombed Syria, the best part was when he built the w… the best part was when he defended us over Charlottesville.

All said, it was the wacky ride of a lifetime.

We are being told it’s going to get even better in 2018, but the thing is: we’ve got a bunch of impending wars on our hands, and Trump doesn’t really seem very capable of handling this.

The domestic stuff has pretty much all be great, but that does become a secondary thing if we enter WWIII.

4.) The Daily Stormer

This year, both the Daily Stormer and RT became their own top news stories.


I can’t even remember all the stuff that happened. That Whitefish March was the first.

The last was the SPLC, at the behest of a disgraced fake news artist, getting someone to perjure himself and say he saw me in Ohio.

I was on the cover of a Jewish magazine, I got the CEO of Papa John’s fired by endorsing him, we became the first website to be kicked off of the internet and the FCC cited me in their Net Neutrality filing, I got sued a bunch of times, a journalist showed Donald Trump my picture, we were featured in a PewDiePie video, that hot nerd started an internet war about an article I wrote, I trolled the media with my own style guide leading to the Jews calling me a genius child-brainwashing mastermind (formerly an inbred trailer park white trash honky retard), I endorsed Yair Netanyahu and became a top Israeli news story and was featured on Israeli TV, WIRED Magazine named me one of the most dangerous people in the world, – what else? I don’t even remember. It was a lot.

When I was 33, it was a very good year.

3.) Metoo

The implosion of the Jewish coalition of the willing began as the feminist golem the Jews created began to eat its master with the Metooist movement.

First it was top Hollywood kike Harvey Weinstein that got his life destroyed for sexual harassment and this went all the way up to the top Senate kike Al Franken. Virtually everyone who has been hit by this feminist tsunami has been Jewish. And it shows no signs of letting up in 2018.

The Jewish establishment, sensing impending doom, is now timidly attempting to claim that some forms of sexual harassment are not that bad. But it was too late for that a long, long time ago.

You never thought we would be cheering raging feminist nutjobs. But I knew it was coming.

2.) Hoaxgate

For the first few months of the year, Jewish Community Centers were getting prank call bomb threats all across America.

Eric Striker and I asserted that this had to have been done by Jews.

The logic was that anyone intelligent enough to be able to disguise their location and make all of these calls had to also have been intelligent enough to know that it was helping Jews, meaning that this person had to himself be a Jew.

We were told we were engaging in an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Then Donald Trump, when harassed about this issue, stated that it “might be the reverse.” He was then accused of harboring an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

Then the perp was caught – in Israel.

Initially, both a 19-year-old and his father were arrested, then his father was released and it was all pinned on the teenager, whom they claim is mentally ill and has a brain tumor.

Instead of apologizing to the Daily Stormer for calling us “conspiracy theorists” for predicting the event, the evil Jews are still using these prank calls in their statistics as “anti-Semitic hate crimes,” simply disregarding the fact that they were done by a Jew to help the Jewish agenda of pretending to be both the most powerful group in the world and also innocent, oppressed victims of evil whites. They have even forced through a law based on this.

My current belief is that the ADL knew who was doing these prank calls. Because they had to have followed my logic and determined that it was a Jew, and in order to push it like they did – going so far as to bully Trump into making it one of the first statements in his first State of the Union address – they had to have had reason to believe that the Jewish perp would not get caught – meaning they had to have known who he was and known details surrounding this situation.

The ADL was flipping out, having planned to push through “hate speech” laws under Hillary Clinton – they even had a conference, the weekend after the election, calling for such legislation. Obviously, they had written their speeches under the assumption that Clinton would win.

The the allegedly retarded brain tumor prank caller was revealed to be running a multi-million dollar criminal empire, and had also done prank calls before. He would have been the perfect person to contract to do these calls.

That may never come out. But also, it might come out. The FBI went to Israel to track this guy down, at Trump’s request. And Israel is currently refusing to extradite him. Meanwhile, the ADL continues to attack Trump. There is enough reason to believe, based on their obsessive and extreme promotion of the hoax, that they had some hand in it. It’s enough for the FBI to open an investigation. For sure it is that.

If they do, it will be our biggest story of the year in 2018.

1.) Charlottesville

Hands down, the biggest story of 2017 was the Charlottesville rally itself.

The crown jewel of the Summer of Hate. The reverse Woodstock.

This was the culmination of what myself and others had been working toward for half a decade.

And while there was a lot of bad that came from it – the guys that got sent to jail certainly didn’t like that and I certainly I didn’t like being shut down (even though it ultimately was good for the brand) – the upshot of the event was entirely and overwhelmingly positive. It put us on the map.

It had to happen.

It told the whole planet about a rising nationalist movement seeking to change the world. It made us the top news story and that hasn’t really let up. Our numbers have exploded since this event.

And yes, it was terribly, horribly sad that a useless fat slob died in the process.

Every day, I mourn her. Every day, I light a candle to her fat memory.

Of course, we are struggling now, in the aftermath, to organize ourselves in a way that allows us to move forward. But we have overcome every obstacle so far, and we will overcome this one as well.

The world is ours.

All we have to do is stand up and take it.

2018 will see more growth than ever before.

In this year, the world will know of the deeds of the Jews, and the Jews will have to respond accordingly.

Be ready.

Hail Victory. 

Real Swordsman Hours: Daily Stormer Gets Blamed for Sword Attack!

When I first heard of the white supremacist on real swordsman hours slicing down a black man on real plastic bottle collecting hours, I said to myself “this is what’s going to happen with the Mike Tyson of swords meets the Mike Tyson of plastic bottles; there’s bound to be bloodshed.”

Then the NY Daily News did an interview with the swordsmaster, and he said he reads Daily Stormer.

I was like yeah, okay, sure, some guy who has these beliefs is definitely going to be familiar with this site. You know, if there was a “STEROIDS SWORDSMAN,” and he did an interview saying he reads the forums, no one would think anything of it. Just because the forums encourage steroid use doesn’t mean they’re responsible for sword attacks.

And in fact, NYDN didn’t even make a thing of the fact that the killer – Jackson – read this site. They just mentioned that he mentioned it.

So then, with nothing to write and looking to slander, Sam Kestenbaum makes it a big story in the Jewish Daily Forward:

The white nationalist who fatally stabbed a black man in New York said he cultivated his worldview online, where he frequented websites like the “alt-right” neo-Nazi hub the Daily Stormer.

In a Sunday interview with the Daily News, 28-year-old white nationalist James Jackson said he hoped his killing of a black man would discourage interracial mixing and that he believed whites are under attack and forgotten in this country.

“The white race is being eroded,” Jackson said. “No one cares about you. The Chinese don’t care about you, the blacks don’t care about you.”

Jackson said his childhood home was liberal and Democratic. He graduated from a Quaker school in Baltimore. Jackson said he only shared his views with “like-minded people” online and mentioned the website Daily Stormer by name.

The Daily Stormer takes its name from the Nazi propaganda sheet Der Stürmer and is now considered by the Southern Poverty Law Center as the country’s “top hate site.”

Now, a whole bunch of other sites are reporting this in much more aggressive terms than Kestenbaum used. This is the tactic. He gives the signal by writing a feature piece about it, then a whole bunch of other Jewish sites do reports on it blaming us for the killing.

But people are waking up to these kike shenanigans.

The numbers of Americans associated with the Alt-Right is now well into the millions.

You’ve created a monster, Jews. Your behavior did this. It isn’t some random happening. 

So some guy getting pissed off and taking a sword to the plastic bottle man means absolutely nothing, it says absolutely nothing about us or our movement.

I’d rather this have not happened. I don’t really see that any point of value was proved by this slicing/dicing. This is why I so adamantly discourage violence. It’s bad propaganda.

That said, I’m not going to go out of my way to condemn this guy. Why should I? Black people are killing us “randomly” every single day – except it isn’t actually random, it is the exact same thing as here – these are attacks because of our race.

Check the Race War section on this site. Just browse it for a bit.

Or take a look at these – less than one percent of the black-on-white murder victims from just the last few years in this country. 

Look at those, then ask me again if I give a single molecule of a fuck about this plastic bottles nigger.

Have you ever seen a black condemn any one of the daily attacks on whites?

And hey – have you ever seen a single kike write an article like “BLACK KILLER OF WHITE LISTENED TO RAP MUSIC THAT TALKED ABOUT KILLING WHITES“?

How about Moslems – when they kill white people in the name of their religion, a religion with a holy book which explicitly tells them to kill non-Moslems (white people), we’re supposed to apologize to them.

Who is kidding who here?

We are being subjected to an endless ongoing massacre that the media doesn’t even bother to mention – the JEWISH CONTROLLED media covers it all up – then they want us to cry about one single black guy who eventually gets killed in revenge by an angry young man who felt he had no other choice?

Where is the non-stop media coverage for Brittanee Drexel, the 17-year-old white girl who was gang-raped, murdered and fed to alligators by niggers, you filthy, greasy, evil kikes? Where are the “terrorism” charges for these niggers? How stupid do you actually believe the goyim are? Do you really think you can keep going with this narrative indefinitely, without ending up with some very, very angry goyim on your hands?

No dice, Jews.

I don’t give a shit about some homeless drug-addicted nigger who got sliced and diced by an alleged reader of my website on some real swordsman hours.

Nor do I have anything to answer for.

It’s you Jews that need to start coming up with some answers.

And you’d better do it very quickly.