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Kashmir’s New Reality

Anybody who has been watching the Kashmir tragedy unfold on live television will know who’s the aggressor, who’s on the defensive. The mobs are running riot, provoking, attacking and bullying the police and armed forces. The latter are withdrawing into their shells, trying to defend themselves as best as they can. If we still hear about civilian deaths daily, it’s not too difficult to imagine why: when the attackers get too close or threatening, the men in uniform fire, and someone, sometimes drops dead. It’s not really about a trigger-happy force.

This is not the time to demoralise our men in uniform. They are fighting the nation’s battles in extremely adverse conditions. Our politicians keep screwing up continuously, and we then send in the forces to bring back some semblance of order. But the human rights rabble-rousers would like us to believe that our armed forces are little more than criminals. This is completely unacceptable.

One is not trying to defend the indefensible. One is not saying our armed forces should be let loose on a hapless civilian population to rape and murder at will. There is more rape and murder in lawless Delhi than in Kashmir. But we want to paint the armed forces as the villains of Kashmir. Libertarians need to think about the rights of uniformed Indians as much as civilians.

Let’s be clear why the armed forces are there in the first place. Kashmir is where embattled secularism is trying to hold its own against sectarianism. We are not talking here of the rights and wrongs of what happened in 1947-48, when the Hindu ruler of Kashmir signed away his Muslim majority state’s right to secede. The rules of legal secession were broken by both Pakistan and India, and revisiting the past serves no purpose today.

We are now in the 21st century, where the biggest threat to peace is the prospect of religious bigotry and the emergence of wild-eyed young men salivating at the prospect of cosmic war and suicidal jehad. As Reza Aslan, an Iranian writer and author of How To Win a Cosmic War, writes: “A cosmic war partitions the world into black and white, good and evil, us and them. In such a war there is no middle ground; everyone must choose a side.”

No nation can win a cosmic war of the kind the jehadis are forcing down our throats in Kashmir. When religion and god are being conscripted on one side, we are no longer fighting for ordinary issues like jobs or education. Armies and policemen are ill-equipped to fight cosmic wars. They try to do their best in trying circumstances.

What once started as a move to protect Kashmir’s unique identity has now metamorphosed into a fight for Islam. No Hindu or Buddhist Kashmiri is rooting for azadi. Kashmiriyat has given way to Islamiyat – which is what the Pakistanis want it to be, and the valley’s citizens are willy-nilly being dragged into it. This is why the valley was ethnically cleansed and why there are no voices opposing azadi there anymore.

True secularists have to fight this kind of sectarianism by shifting the focus to secular issues. We have to rebuild the Kashmiri economy, so that Kashmiris – temporarily carried away by emotive calls for Muslim azadi – realise that they are destroying their own syncretic culture. Aslan’s advice to those who are fighting the jehadis is simple: don’t engage with them. Focus on everyday issues and forget the cosmic angle completely. Sheikh Abdullah chose India over Pakistan and converted his Muslim Conference into National Conference precisely because he saw that Kashmiriyat is safer in pluralist India than in Islamic Pakistan. While politicians, including Nehru and Rajiv, have repeatedly messed things up for narrow electoral gains, India has kept the promise of allowing Kashmiris greater rights than non-Kashmiris in that state. No Indian can own land or settle permanently in Kashmir, thus guaranteeing Kashmiris their ethnic majority and exclusivity. We could have allowed Indians from outside Kashmir to emigrate to Kashmir and change the ethnic composition, like Israel did in Palestine, but we didn’t.

It is also important to question liberals who see the army and police as an occupying force in Kashmir. But this is missing the complexity of the situation. When guarding one VIP takes scores of Black Cats, why is it difficult to believe that keeping the peace in one restive state can take a large army?

It’s also worth remembering what laws we want to write into our statute books to prevent communalism in other states. We want to give the Centre the right to intervene if communal forces get out of hand anywhere. We want the Centre to send in troops if a Gujarat happens again. But a Gujarat is what is happening in Kashmir and we don’t want to accept the analogy. How long can we afford to not face reality?

President Trump Tells Americans: “Wear a Mask”

Oh boy.

This is stupid.


President Donald Trump on Tuesday urged Americans to wear a mask to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.

“We’re asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask,” Trump said. “Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they’ll have an effect, and we need everything we can get.”

The president spoke about masks during a press briefing on recent flare-ups of the coronavirus.

This was the president’s strongest endorsement for wearing a mask, despite expressing skepticism for months about their effectiveness at preventing the spread of the virus.

Showing his mask to one reporter, Trump said that he carried it with him and put it on when he was unable to properly socially distance to prevent the spread of the virus.

“I carry the mask … I have the mask right here. I carry it and I will use it gladly. No problem with it,” Trump said. “I’ve said that and I say when you can: use the mask.”

He laid out some facts, which isn’t something the media is reporting.

He says:

  • The median age of death is 78
  • Half of all deaths have been in nursing homes
  • 90% of those hospitalized had underlying medical conditions – heart, diabetes
  • Young adults usually have no symptoms or mild symptoms

Then he says “wear a mask.”

How about people who are 78 and older or have serious medical conditions wear masks, and leave normal, healthy people alone?


President Donald Trump warned Tuesday the coronavirus pandemic in the United States will probably “get worse before it gets better.”

“That’s something I don’t like saying about things, but that’s the way it is, it’s what we have,” he said during a White House briefing on the pandemic. “You look over the world, it’s all over the world.“

Yeah, okay – great.

They want vote by mail, Donald.

If they get that, you lose.

More importantly, we lose. The country loses.

Civilization itself is riding on this election, and this election is riding on people being able to vote.

Evil Subhuman Invader Throws Spots the Cat into the Road in Sick Torture Video

Don’t watch this. It’s horrible. I wish I wouldn’t have watched it.

I am just including it so you understand what monsters these animals our country is being flooded with actually are.

The sickening kikes and their allies claim that they have the moral high-ground.

But their brown pets are torturing animals.

And of course, the torture of animals is a key aspect of the kike religion.

New York Post:

A California police department is investigating a gut-churning video posted to social media that shows a teen boy throwing a kitten across the street.

The graphic video, which lasts less than 10 seconds, was posted to Snapchat, the Ontario (Ca.) Police Department said in a statement.

Cops said a local 16-year-old, identified on the social media platform as “Charlie”, is the one believed to have lifted the animal with both hands before flinging it cruelly into the air.

The kitten was seen hitting the ground, clearly in shock and pain.

Although the suspect has yet to be found and arrested, cops say they located the cat’s owner.

“The kitten survived the incident, but did suffer an injured leg,” the agency said in a press release. “The Inland Valley Human Society is assisting with the investigation and the care of the injured animal.”

The cat’s owner, Perla, and her mother told NBC4 the video is too upsetting to watch.

The cat is a stray they found four months ago and named “Spots.”

The owner said she hopes the kitten tossing teen is charged with animal abuse.

He deserves a whole lot worse than that.

To be honest, someone who would do that to a cat doesn’t deserve to live, and in any normal society, he wouldn’t be allowed to.

I’m very glad Spots is okay.

But think of this next time someone calls you an evil Nazi for not wanting these filthy fucking savages in our country.

Think of Spots the cat.

4 Countries That Are Successful Control the Spread of Coronavirus

Several countries received international attention because they were considered successful in suppressing the spread of corona through various early policy responses.

The corona virus has spread to hundreds of countries. Based on John Hopkins data, as many as 185 countries / territories have reported cases of infection due to the virus or Covid-19, including Fiji and the United States of Guam in the Pacific islands.

Corona pandemic continues as there are no special vaccines and drugs yet. Some researchers predict, after the first wave of transmission of the corona virus has passed, there will still be further waves. The World Health Organization or WHO says the end of the pandemic is still long.

But so far, several countries have received international attention because they are considered to have succeeded in suppressing the spread of corona through various early policy responses. This success was reflected in the slowing down in the number of corona cases and the low mortality rate. Here are four countries including:

1. Vietnam

The country led by President Nguyễn Phú Trọng became one of the countries considered successful in dealing with the spread of corona. Rapid response and government control are the key to the country’s success in reducing the spread of the virus. To date, Vietnam has reported zero deaths from Covid-19.

Based on John Hopkins data as of April 24, 2020, Vietnam reported 268 Covid-19 cases, 224 of which were cured. The number of recorded cases increased from March to mid-April. However, as of April 16 to April 24, there were no new cases added.

Quoted from the article on the World Economic Forum website, Vietnam launched a series of initiatives to fight the spread of corona on February 1, 2020. All flights to and from China were stopped. School is closed after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Two weeks later, quarantine was imposed in Vinch Phuc Province, north of Hanoi. The decision was in line with concerns about the health status of migrant workers returning from Wuhan, the city which was the initial epicenter of the corona virus.

Furthermore, the country enforces quarantine for 14 days for anyone who has just arrived in Vietnam and stops all international flights. Infected people were isolated and tracking was carried out on all people who might have been in contact with corona patients.

As a precaution, disinfectant booths were scattered in various places – although health experts have recently issued warnings of the danger of spraying the body with disinfectants. People are also required to wear masks when outside the home. Information on how to deal with Covid-19 is placed in various public areas to increase understanding of the population.

As a one-party state with large and organized military and security forces, the Vietnamese government can make quick decisions and implement them immediately. Plus there is a culture of supervision in the community. Residents are expected to report if there are neighbors who are suspected of being infected by the corona or committing an offense.

People found spreading false or false news about corona risk visiting the police. Until the end of March, 800 people were fined related to this matter.

Unlike other richer Asian countries, such as South Korea, Vietnam is not in a position to conduct mass tests. For comparison, as of March 20, the number of people tested for corona in the country was 15,637 people, while in South Korea it was 338 thousand. As mentioned earlier, the key to handling corona in Vietnam is government control.

2. South Korea

South Korea fights the spread of corona by aggressively implementing corona tests and contact tracing of corona patients. President Moon Jae-in’s country is providing free corona testing places in public areas. This method is then followed by other countries, including the United States.

The government uses CCTV recordings, debit and credit card transactions, and communication data from mobile phones, to track who needs to be tested. Tracking by this method is considered effective along with the massive use of CCTV in the country and non-cash transactions, as well as the high number of residents who have cellphones.

Tracking is still being carried out aggressively even though free testing is available in many places. Because, many people who are infected with corona with mild symptoms so do not do the test.

Quoted from Reuters, people who come from several regions such as Europe and America are required to undergo a corona and quarantine test for 14 days. Foreigners who violate quarantine provisions are at risk of being deported. While local residents face prison sentences and fines.

Quoted from The Conversation, this country has learned from the MERS outbreak in 2015 by improving its disease control system. South Korea has a large capacity health service system and a sophisticated biotechnology industry that is able to produce test kits quickly. As a result, the country is able to conduct 15 thousand corona tests per day.

Referring to the data of John Hopkins as of April 24, 2020, the State of Ginseng reported as many as 10,708 cases of Covid-19, with 240 of them dead and 8,501 recovered. The number of new case reports has continued to decline starting last March.

At present, the country is wary of the continued wave of the spread of corona. Hundreds of patients who recovered reported being re-infected. Health experts in the country had worried about the potential for further waves as the use of test equipment from Tongkok was suspected to be inaccurate in the initial handling period.

3. Taiwan

Taiwan, which is only about 161 kilometers from the plains of China, reported the first case of corona on January 21 last. Foreign Policy reported, the Taiwanese government took a quick step after news of a mysterious disease emerged in Wuhan.

The Taiwan government began inspections of people who came from Wuhan from 31 December 2019, carried out quarantine, built a tracking system, and increased production of medical devices starting in January. Taiwan has not allowed the export of these items, including surgical masks.

The Taiwanese government’s quick steps are seen as related to the experience of the SARS outbreak in 2003 which was also first identified in China. Referring to the data of John Hopkins as of April 24, 2020, Taiwan reported 427 cases of corona, with six of them dead and 253 recovering. So far, the number of new cases added is still up and down.

4. New Zealand

The New Zealand government adopted an aggressive policy to stop the spread of corona in the country of 5 million people. Starting in mid-March, the government adopted a disease elimination strategy rather than mitigation.

Quoted from The Guardian, elimination strategies are very different from mitigation. With mitigation, responses increase with the development of a pandemic. More stringent interventions such as school closures are usually carried out to “curb curves”. Whereas with elimination, the government implemented strong interventions early to stop the transmission of disease.

After restrictions on travel and the imposition of physical distances, New Zealand imposed full area closure or lockdown starting March 26. Before that, starting March 15, the country required 14 days of isolation for all newly arrived in New Zealand and starting on March 20 foreigners were banned from entering the country.

So far, the strategy appears to have worked, despite the massive socio-economic impact. Referring to the data of John Hopkins, New Zealand reported 1,456 cases of corona, with 17 of whom died, and 1,095 recovered. The number of new cases has dropped significantly.

The Guardian reported that most of the new cases were residents returning from traveling and undergoing quarantine at the border. Several clusters of virus spread have been traced so that further spread can be prevented. Corona handling in this country is also supported by geographical factors, namely regions far from other countries and fewer flights.

Quoted from CNN International, Professor Michael Baker of the Otago University Department of Public Health – who also gave advice to the New Zealand government in responding to the pandemic – said lessons learned from New Zealand are a combination of science and leadership.

As of the first week of April, New Zealand has conducted 51 thousand tests, while Britain, which has a population 13 times larger, only tested 208 thousand people. He also expressed disappointment with the handling of corona in the United States and Britain which were considered to have more scientific resources.

On the other hand, Microbiologist at Auckland University Siauxsie Wiles said New Zealand did have to take quick steps because of limited capacity in hospitals. “In New Zealand we don’t have as many beds in the emergency department compared to other countries. Therefore, (Prime Minister Jacinda Arden) reacts quickly,” she said, as quoted by CNN International.

Coronavirus: Trump could suspend US funds to WHO

According to the tycoon, WHO delayed the pandemic alarm, hiding what was happening in China to please Beijing.

The United States could suspend US funds directed to the World Health Organization. This was stated by President Donald Trump, who in the last few hours had criticized the WHO for being too “pro-Chinese” and accusing her for having made a mistake in delaying the alarm on the pandemic.

It is a film already seen for Italians that arrives from the United States overwhelmed by the Covid-19 epidemic. The state of New York faces the large number of deaths and that turns into a human and medical drama. To deal with the situation, refrigerated trucks were also used as a temporary “stop” area for the corpses.

Christmas Mass Cancelled in Bari, Italy – African Violence Makes It Too Dangerous to Go Out in the Evenings

Local criminality has shut down Christmas. In Bari, in Libertà district, the traditional Christmas Eve mass, celebrated at midnight, has been brought forward by the curia because of the curfew. Too dangerous, for families and elderly people, to leave their house in the evening due to the fighting between the clans that populate the district.

“It is useless to hide the fact that there are particular concerns in the district,” explained Don Vincenzo Auciello, the parish priest, in an interview with Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. “At that time there are shots fired and bangs, the elderly people are afraid and families with children perhaps prefer to remain at home and remember the birth of Jesus within the family.”

Don Auciello speaks calmly about his decision, but the choice to bring forward the mass to 6.30 pm has provoked some indignation. The Libertà district is one of the most populous in the city of Bari, with around 60 thousand inhabitants, and it is also one of the most problematical. High rates of crime, dealing, drugs and prostitution. In the evening people are afraid to go out. Immigrants and local clans continue  fighting one another and the demands of local citizens for more controls count for nothing.


The article doesn’t go into any more detail because of political correctness. But the problem here is Africans. This area has been totally colonised by Africans. I have seen videos of local residents complaining about how African criminals patrol the district carrying machetes!

We Should Sell Migrants to Libyan Slave Traders

I don’t claim to understand the modern system of morality that the planet is currently functioning on. But it was apparently perfectly morally acceptable for Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel to turn Libya into a slave trading capital (the former destroyed the existing government, the latter told trillions of niggers to come to Europe by passing through an enslavement zone).

So here’s the thing: we’ve got all of these “migrants” from all over the Islamic world who fled the brutal civil war in Syria, and now that it’s over, none of them appear to be going home. We’ve also spent a fortune on these so-called “human beings.”

So, why don’t we sell them into slavery in Libya? We can get rid of the savages, get at least a little bit of money back, and it fits into the present moral restrictions we’re working within.

The Independent:

“Does anybody need a digger? This is a digger, a big strong man, he’ll dig,” the auctioneer says in grainy mobile phone footage, gesturing to one of the two tall, silent young men next to him.

“What am I bid, what am I bid?”

The two men were sold together for a total of $400 (£296).

Not bad, not bad.

I’m sure not all the migrants we’ve got are diggers, but we’ve got like 3 million of the fuckers. So even if they’re only $100 each on average, that’s a solid chunk of change.

The world has been shocked by the release of a CNN investigation into the slave trade thriving in the lawlessness of post-Gaddafi Libya.

Wait, why would someone be shocked by that?

It is estimated hundreds of sub-Saharan Africans travelling to Libya in the hopes of getting on a boat across the Mediterranean to a better life in Europe are being sold by smugglers each week – either into lives of manual or sex slavery or ransomed to their families, passed between militia groups.

The UN is trying to decide if crimes against humanity charges can be brought against perpetrators.

Yeah, probably not.

We’ve been trying to charge this bitch with all sorts of shit and she always weasels her way out of it.

Protests erupted in Paris and several other cities and the Libyan government – only in control of around half the country – has promised an investigation.

“It is now clear that slavery is an outrageous reality in Libya. The auctions are reminiscent of one of the darkest chapters in human history, when millions of Africans were uprooted, enslaved, trafficked and auctioned to the highest bidder,” a statement from a group of UN human rights experts said.


Many Libyan activists and non-governmental organisations have been trying to raise the alarm about the worsening situation in Libya for months.

The UN’s International Organisation for Migration (IOM) released a report in April this year warning that sub-Saharan Africans who travelled north to Libya were routinely facing detention in squalid conditions, rapes, beatings and being sold into slavery.


A great business opportunity.

I wonder if they would buy Mexicans?

At the very least, they would probably be interested in eating them.

France: Christmas Market Cancelled Because Organizers Can’t Afford Diversity Barriers

I know this may look bad (especially if you’re a Nazi) and nobody is even saying anymore that things are gonna get better, but you people have to remember the most important thing in the world – OMELETS! We need OMELETS! And you can’t get omelets without a few eggs getting cracked in Moslem terror attacks.


The Christmas market on la Croix-Rousse hill in Lyon, France, has been cancelled because organisers cannot afford the €20,000 security budget.

Yeah, well… That counts as an egg, so it’s OK.

The annual Christmas market, with its stalls, marquee, and farm animals, has been cancelled because the cost of securing the site day and night was prohibitively expensive, whilst towns and cities across Europe are fortifying their Christmas markets with anti-terror barriers, reports Le Progrés.

“For the past year, requests to secure our events have increased,” explained Maïlys, the project manager for the southern French city’s merchants’ association.

Basically, what these frogs are saying is that they want the omelet, but with fewer broken eggs, which I personally find very racist.


“This year the cost of security would have reached nearly €20,000 (£17,600/$23,800). To at least balance our budget, we could have either increased the number of stands or the rental price of the sites (from €2,000 to €3,000 per week). The decision to cancel the 2017 market was a complicated and difficult one to take, but no solution could be found, despite our discussions with the town hall.”

Ramping up security has taken a priority for organisers of community Christmas markets after failed Tunisian asylum seeker and Islamic extremist Anis Amri murdered a Polish lorry driver, stole his vehicle, and rammed it through a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, killing 11 pedestrians and injuring more than 50 in December 2016.

See, this is what racism looks like. The neo-Nazis at Breitbart didn’t have to say that he’s a Moslem and non-White. Are they really implying that no White man ever killed a driver, stole his truck and then smashed it into a bunch of people while yelling “Alahu Akbar” from the top of his lungs? That’s just mindless hatred for the color of the skin. But what else could you expect from a site that was the launching of the infamous gay Jew Nazi Milo “The Glitter Hitler” Yiannopoulos?

The vehicular terror attack prompted towns and cities across Germany and the United Kingdom to install anti-terror barriers around their Christmas markets, sometimes wrapped in decorative material to appear as gifts to disguise their true function. Others have been painted in bright colours to resemble Lego blocks.

See? Our democratically elected, Jew-approved governments are doing the best they can, so stop with the hatred.

Some citizens of Germany have reacted to the appearance of the blocks in their communities by painting “Danke Merkel” (‘Thank you, Merkel”) or “Merkel Lego” on the “unwrapped” anti-terror gifts, in reference to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

These people are Nazis, and their hatred is what causes terrorist attacks to begin with.

If there was no hate, we’d get the omelet with fewer cracked eggs.

But since there’s hatred, you need more cracked eggs to make up for it.

I think the best way to minimize the number of Moslem terrorist attacks is make people more accepting of them, and less hateful.

And to arrest more Nazis, that’s always good regardless of the reason.

Nothing else makes sense.

Linda Sarsour Makes Up with the Kikes, Says Trump is the Real Anti-Semite

Here’s more of this again.

Fox News:

Avowed hate-peddler Linda Sarsour asserted Tuesday night that the “fascist” White House poses the greatest current threat to the Jewish community.

Sarsour also dismissed articles in the “Jewish media” accusing her of anti-Semitism during a panel discussion on the subject, hosted by the New School.

The event was already raising eyebrows weeks before it took place. Multiple people and organizations called out the university for inviting speakers with links to anti-Semitic radicals.

“Having Linda Sarsour & head of (Jewish Voice for Peace) leading a panel on #antisemitism is like Oscar Meyer leading a panel on vegetarianism,” Jonathan Greenblatt, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, tweeted prior the event. “These panelists know the issue — but unfortunately from perspective of fomenting it rather than fighting it.”

It sounds to me like Jonathan Greenblatt just committed an anti-Islamic hate crime with that Tweet.

Better add that to your database, Greenblatt.

Keep those hate crimes numbers padded.

The Jerusalem Post Editorial Board branded the event “a forum of ‘anti-Semites on antisemitism’” that “makes as much sense as a KKK forum on civil rights.” The New York Post, meanwhile, said event was “Orwellian.”

Or as much sense as a Jewish forum on racial equality – ZING!

Speaking on Tuesday night, Sarsour did little to defuse the perceptions about her and other speakers on the panel. Instead she said she was “unapologetically Palestinian-American” and “a very strong staunch supporter of boycott, divest, sanctions movement” against Israel, a movement that singles out the Jewish state and tries to isolate it economically and culturally.

During the speech — which barely touched the issue of anti-Semitism and how to tackle it — Sarsour concluded that the greatest threat to America’s Jewish community was the Trump administration.

I sure hope so…

“The existential threat (to the Jewish community) resides in the White House, in the highest offices of these lands,” Sarsour told the audience.

“We are now living under fascism,” she later added, “and we need all hands on deck.”

You need to keep your hands on your own deck, you crazy bitch.

Seriously though, if you get serious about actually GASSING KIKES, hit me up.