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Evil Subhuman Invader Throws Spots the Cat into the Road in Sick Torture Video

Don’t watch this. It’s horrible. I wish I wouldn’t have watched it.

I am just including it so you understand what monsters these animals our country is being flooded with actually are.

The sickening kikes and their allies claim that they have the moral high-ground.

But their brown pets are torturing animals.

And of course, the torture of animals is a key aspect of the kike religion.

New York Post:

A California police department is investigating a gut-churning video posted to social media that shows a teen boy throwing a kitten across the street.

The graphic video, which lasts less than 10 seconds, was posted to Snapchat, the Ontario (Ca.) Police Department said in a statement.

Cops said a local 16-year-old, identified on the social media platform as “Charlie”, is the one believed to have lifted the animal with both hands before flinging it cruelly into the air.

The kitten was seen hitting the ground, clearly in shock and pain.

Although the suspect has yet to be found and arrested, cops say they located the cat’s owner.

“The kitten survived the incident, but did suffer an injured leg,” the agency said in a press release. “The Inland Valley Human Society is assisting with the investigation and the care of the injured animal.”

The cat’s owner, Perla, and her mother told NBC4 the video is too upsetting to watch.

The cat is a stray they found four months ago and named “Spots.”

The owner said she hopes the kitten tossing teen is charged with animal abuse.

He deserves a whole lot worse than that.

To be honest, someone who would do that to a cat doesn’t deserve to live, and in any normal society, he wouldn’t be allowed to.

I’m very glad Spots is okay.

But think of this next time someone calls you an evil Nazi for not wanting these filthy fucking savages in our country.

Think of Spots the cat.

Christmas Mass Cancelled in Bari, Italy – African Violence Makes It Too Dangerous to Go Out in the Evenings

Local criminality has shut down Christmas. In Bari, in Libertà district, the traditional Christmas Eve mass, celebrated at midnight, has been brought forward by the curia because of the curfew. Too dangerous, for families and elderly people, to leave their house in the evening due to the fighting between the clans that populate the district.

“It is useless to hide the fact that there are particular concerns in the district,” explained Don Vincenzo Auciello, the parish priest, in an interview with Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. “At that time there are shots fired and bangs, the elderly people are afraid and families with children perhaps prefer to remain at home and remember the birth of Jesus within the family.”

Don Auciello speaks calmly about his decision, but the choice to bring forward the mass to 6.30 pm has provoked some indignation. The Libertà district is one of the most populous in the city of Bari, with around 60 thousand inhabitants, and it is also one of the most problematical. High rates of crime, dealing, drugs and prostitution. In the evening people are afraid to go out. Immigrants and local clans continue  fighting one another and the demands of local citizens for more controls count for nothing.


The article doesn’t go into any more detail because of political correctness. But the problem here is Africans. This area has been totally colonised by Africans. I have seen videos of local residents complaining about how African criminals patrol the district carrying machetes!